The soul of our nation is being challenged everyday as people continue to murder the most innocent and helpless of our society. These are the babies in the womb, as well as the child who is “less than perfect.” This would also include an unwanted or inconvenient pregnancy. These would be people who say, “Having a kid has no place in my current lifestyle,” OR “You know what — I simply don’t want a child … I don’t want to go through a pregnancy … I don’t care about having a family, period … Why should I bring a child into this world, when it is such an awful place? I can’t afford having a kid, not  now or never!”

Daniel Cameron, Attorney General of Kentucky, writes in defense of the innocent, helpless unborn, and makes a great point: “Our society would never condone the live dismemberment of animals. Why, then, would we allow such a painful practice to be carried out on an unborn child?”

That’s a great point, Daniel! There are hundreds of infants being thrown out like garbage every year. The CDC (U.S. Center for Disease Control) states there were 143 cases of babies born alive between 2002-2014, where the live babies were thrown in the garbage, while still alive! That reporting is from just six states! If you factor in the other 44 states, and the hundreds of undocumented “snippings and stabbings” of actual born babies, we are talking entire schools of children disappearing!

Now we have a society that is quoting their twisted viewpoints of Christianity. They explain, “They have a different way to answer the call of faith.” They claim: The Bible is inconsistent. Jesus spoke in a  “mysterious code.

To make it plain they are saying: The Bible does not clearly communicate the doctrine it teaches. On that basis, we should feel free to interpret the Bible and God’s truths anyway we want. (That is not what Christians believe, nor what the Bible teaches.)

Dear one, these are challenging times. Be aware of the deceiver, the devil, who is using the tools of people he has influenced and possessed. Everyday, lost humanity is twisting God’s words and truth. You will only know the TRUTH when you stay in the Bible and study it diligently. Only by faithful adherence to His Word will you know how to recognize twisted garbage. Regular, faithful attendance to church, Bible studies and Sunday school arms us with God’s wisdom and insight.

This church family will always stand for those who are innocent and helpless, our babes in the womb. Jeremiah 1:4 says, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you …”  Jeremiah 1:4-5a

Pastor Stan