“A Time to Remember and Make Memories”

“A Time to Remember and Make Memories”

I remember the 1960’s well. I graduated high school in Casper, Wyoming. I had been a part of ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corp) while in High School. If I had gone into the military service, as soon as boot camp was over, I would have immediately been a Private First Class. God had other plans for me. I knew I had been directed by the Holy Spirit to go to Central Bible College in Springfield, MO. The final goodbye from my parents before I left at the young age of 18, included this directive: “Here’s your one way bus ticket to Springfield, MO. Don’t come back until you finish what you are starting!” My orders were followed through. After the Freshman year of college, I heard clearly the challenge of David Wilkerson, and went to Chicago to Work with Teen Challenge. I never did get home much after that.

Meanwhile, many of my high school acquaintances went to Viet Nam as soldiers.  Some returned; some did not. Some came back injured; others came back wounded emotionally. There was the verbal and emotional abuse these fine soldiers received when they came back. I was so ashamed of how those soldiers were treated. Upon graduation from college, I received my notice: “Report for your physical to Denver as you are now drafted.” My reply was, “Then I have the right to apply for Chaplaincy School.” The draft board replied, “Go start pastoring a church, and we will call you if we need you. This war is winding down.”

However, I/We entered a spiritual war — A war for the souls of men, women, and children! Now it has been 50 years of ministry, and it has been a larger war than ever for the souls of humanity!

Ah, but it is so good to remember, the many victories — People whose lives have radically changed because they accepted Christ … the marriages that have been saved … miracles of healings … supernatural events and guidance from the Holy Spirit. I can say in retrospect, there is little I would have changed.  

May this Memorial Day weekend be so special to you. Go make some memories! Tell a soldier or a retired soldier how much you appreciate them.  Remember your loved ones, dead and buried. Go walk through a grave yard, and read the inscriptions on headstones. Observe those who had a living hope, while the inscriptions only speak of a life of hopelessness.

Then, spend some time with the living — Family or friends, or new acquaintances … go do something special that will be a memory builder … pray out loud for your living family members. Don’t forget your spouse! Who deserves more prayers than they do?  

Finally, remember your Lord and Master, Jesus. Contemplate how good He has been to you. Remember the miracles, the times when He rescued you from certain death?

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, 

Pastor Stan